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  • Changelog client applications RoTunneling VPN 5.0.7 Note: If you have a very restricted connection, try several connection methods from the list until you find the one that works for your connection, eg: Romania-1, Romania-1-backup-1, Romania-1-backup-2, these represent different methods/strategies for connecting to the same VPN node. For regular connections, you can use any connection method from the list.
  • Automatic configuration of L2TP on macOS and iOS We have launched the automated configuration of vpn, L2TP, for macOS and iOS. In this way you can easy configure your Apple devices by follow the steps;
  • Configuration update for OpenVPN users Because our old CA, hardcoded in the OpenVPN configuration has expired, you need to update your OpenVPN configuration profiles.
  • Because of a bug, some customers have received a double validity period Recently we discovered a bug in the payment registration system, so we identified cases that due to this bug, some customers received double or triple validity period, compared to the one paid.
  • Why is VPN WOW? VPN protects the data you transmit online and helps you navigate any site, easily, anywhere and anytime safely. For example: online payments are secure, accessing sites of interest, connecting to a public Wifi network, in a cafe.
  • New features on RoTunneling VPN website We've improved the RoTunneling VPN website and launched new features that you've probably been waiting for some time.
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